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YourLeap Candidate Search
Recent research shows leading candidates are in the job market for less than one week! Your best hires could be waiting to hear from you.  Instead, they're getting lost in the shuffle of a busy desk, crowded inbox and an overextended Human Resource team.  It’s time to make YourLeap in to the future and allow YourLeap to do the work of connecting you to millions of candidates and delivering to you the results in a way that values your time!  Get ready to hire and YourLeap it!

YourLeap Lite
The most cost effective and efficient way for small to midsize companies to advertise their jobs on the major job boards and to quickly hire the most qualified talent. Why limit yourself to only one major job board when you can have them all, plus the service you need to make them useful, for a fraction of the price of purchasing them separately and doing it all yourself. For just $995, YourLeap Lite provides Job Profiling, Job Posting to all Major Boards, Resume Ranking, YourLeap on-line validated skills assessment, and Background verification .


YourLeap Skills Assessment (Five included when you YourLeap it!)
YourLeap offers skills testing to identify and select the most talented candidates. YourLeap Assessment includes more than 900 validated assessments for clerical, software, call center, behavioral, financial, health care, industrial and technical job classifications.

Background Check
A company’s success largely depends on the people it hires. Ensuring you have the highest quality team in place is an important part of your company’s strategy. YourLeap delivers the information you need to hire the best candidates quickly, accurately and securely.

Additional Services

YourLeap Payrolling Service
Let YourLeap serve as the “Employer of Record” for temporary staff, contract labor or per diem employees that you need for the short-term. In this capacity we handle every aspect of the payroll process, from timekeeping to delivery or direct-deposit of paychecks. YourLeap assumes all legal obligations for “pay-rolled” employee wages, payroll deductions, unemployment insurance and workers’ compensation.

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