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What happened to the promise of the Internet enabling you to quickly find qualified talent? Unfortunately the promise hasn't been realized, until now. YourLeap is the only talent sourcing solution that delivers on the promise of the Internet to maximize your exposure to qualified talent while eliminating the need for you to spend time searching and minimizing the number of resumes you need to review to make a hire. Are you ready to take Your Leap? >>

YourLeap is a hybrid hiring solution that delivers search firm quality candidate sourcing at job board prices. We are your single source connection to multiple job boards and resume banks and our professional recruiting team delivers to you the candidates that meet your hiring needs.

For $3,495 per search our team will use the major job boards and more to:
  • Advertise your Job
  • Search Resume Banks
  • Screen, Rate & Deliver Pre-Qualified Resumes to You
Why pay large contingent search fees for candidates you can find on the Internet if you only had the time, tools and resources. Now you do, YourLeap. >>

"YourLeap is much easier to use then conventional job post and search boards. I don’t have the time to post jobs and search through stacks of resumes. YourLeap provided me a much more productive way to identify the qualified candidates quickly...".>

"I’ve never found it easier to hire technical candidates. As a non-profit we have limited resources to use when trying to hire, but we have the same need as everyone else to hire the best...">